Man finds body next to 405 freeway, reports it to police, arrested for 'refusing to identify himself'

The LAist is reporting that the body of Thomas Francis Leamy. Thomas was reported missing a few days ago after he checked himself out of the VA hospital.

The body was found by a pedestrian traveling through the area adjacent to the Wilshire exit off the 305 freeway. The good Samaritan who reported finding the body subsequently “was arrested for refusing to identify himself and being on the freeway illegally.”

Well way to go CHP, getting all the cooperative and helpful yet private citizens off the street. Since when do free people have to identify themselves to law enforcement? Police routinely cover their badges, especially when suppressing free speech oops, I mean doing ‘crowd control’.

Well, I’ll tell you one thing for sure, you won’t catch me reporting ANYTHING to the police anytime soon.

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