Diplomatic package heading to Ecuador

Not Julian Assange

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Google’s first auto-complete for “How to short the ________” doesn’t speak well for the Euro

Did this search randomly while chatting with a coworker and either Google was eavesdropping on our conversation or I’m not the only one asking this questions:

How to short the Euro

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“TSA naked body scanners safe” says professor who didn’t actually test machines

From the LA Times:

The author of the Marquette study, assistant professor of biomedical engineering Taly Gilat Schmidt, did not test the actual machines. Instead, she based her conclusions on scanner radiation data released publicly by the TSA. She ran the numbers through simulation software that modeled how X-ray photons travel through a body.

Excuse me for my ignorance as I’m not a scientist but how can you write a paper on anything without testing that which your paper is making claims about?

Imagine if big tobacco came out with a study like this, saying cigarettes actually have vitamins in them and add 50 years to your life while increasing your sex appeal but never mentioned that the ‘scientists’ doing the research never got a single pack of smokes to test. People would be up in arms pointing out this serious flaw in the research.

Now of course I’m sure the TSA wouldn’t give inaccurate data to a scientist about their naked body scanners because the TSA is an organization well known for it’s transparency and honesty. Oh, wait, that’s not quite true…. In fact the TSA has made claims that they don’t have to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests and can actually lie in them at will:

“The County was required by the TSA to withhold that information because it (the existence of video from any particular CCTV camera) constituted SSI (Sensitive Security Information). Any disclosure of the existence of the videotape would have violated both TSA directives and federal regulations pertaining to the disclosure of SSI,” states the lawsuit.

So what is the truth regarding the levels of radiation that comes from these grossly violating machines:

The TSA has submitted the scanners for testing by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and the U.S. Army Public Health Command. The tests concluded that the scanners posed no significant risk to passengers, but TSA critics have called for more independent studies.

We can hope that these other organizations who have been given machines to test will conduct studies in an honest and transparent way but at this point I’m going to have a very hard time trusting any data provided from these studies simply based on the track record of dishonesty coming from the TSA.

In fact, until Mythbusters gets a machine to test and give the all clear I think I’ll continue to opt out.

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The truth about your birth certificate

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Rand Paul Sells Out!!

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Cops arrest and assault duly elected GOP Chairman during Louisiana Caucus

Before the video starts Alex Helwig was lawfully voted GOP Chairman but the existing chairman wasn’t liking that and tried to overrule the vote of the majority of delegates present.

I hate to be negative but I feel that everyone here is just as guilty as the cops doing their dirty work. Evil succeeds when good people stand by doing nothing. I’m not the best guy at math but by my count those cops were pretty outnumbered by patriots who stood by and watched an old man who was one of them get his hip displaced while doing absolutely nothing.

I get your a little fluoridated but seriously, stand up for the cause. I would not have stood by and watch this without intervening on behalf of the victim here.

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Pedophile Catholic Priest removed from church over sex abuse now works at TSA

Seriously, you can’t make this kind of stuff up.

CBS News is reporting that Thomas Harkins, a defrocked priest who was removed from the ministry for sexual abuse against children is now working for the TSA and they even got video from an I-Team member:

Not only does he work there but he actual has a manager title, supposedly “Transportation Security Manager, Baggage,” though when the video was taken he was seen in the main D & E terminals at Philadelphia International Airport and it is being reported he also works in passenger screening.

As Alex Jones has asked on numerous occasions, who else but sex offenders and people on crazy power trips would want to work at the TSA? I know I wouldn’t want a job like that. I’d rather be homeless and destitute then have a job where I have to subject my fellow Americans to dehumanizing violations that have become the status quo of the Transportation Security Administrations procedures.

One thing I noticed when researching Thomas Harkins is that there is almost no online press regarding this pedophile’s original offense or his defrocking. To me it looks like he actually spent some effort on search engine reputation management, a procedure where you actively suppress negative information that shows up for your name in Google. (DISCLOSURE: I own the site linked to here).

The reason I keep linking ‘s name to this page is to boost it up in the rankings so people will be able to find it on page 1 of Google’s results. I’m also going to contact the site owner so they can make a quick fix that will help it more prevalent in the results. If you want to help you can add a link to your site too.

So, now that this has come to light this guy has obviously been fired by from the TSA right? Well, not so much. According to the TSA they do conduct background checks but since there was no criminal case involved the the allegations and subsequent lawsuits that were settled by the Camden Diocese are ten years old they didn’t come up during that process.

If you’d like to help make sure this guy doesn’t slide through another background check please help find more information online about his past abuse of children and post them in the comments and to any other site you have access to. We’ll add the links to the bottom of this post to help bring this guys evil past to the light of day.

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German riot police take off their helmets and join protesters

German riot police take off helmets join protest

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Man in diabetic shock beaten by Nevada Highway Patrol and Henderson Police

Wow, I didn’t know proper procedure was to try to kick in a person’s window while pointing your gun at them. What if it had gone off on accident?

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The NATO Summit has turned Chicago into a full blown police state!

News is coming in from all over the web, from twitter, and activist sites to mainstream news sites from around the world.

So far the police have preemptively raided and arrested activists on trumped up charges of terrorism after undercover Chicago PD brought them molotov cocktails.

Police have been caught on video beating corralled protesters with clubs and metal batons:

Undercover Chicago cops don’t like being video taped:

Chicago cops arrest protesters on Michigan Bridge:

Chicago cops stop, search and handcuff journalists:

Here’s a bunch of images from around the web from Chicago:

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